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RPO Solutions

Our RPO solutions are developed and implemented by our highly trained and experienced experts to specifically address your talent and business needs. Bringing this expertise to all of our RPO partnerships, we have the reach, experience, and geographic and technological infrastructure to support the development and execution of forward-focused strategies and programs. We erase borders, address market scarcity, and overcome barriers that drag down other traditional solutions.

While all of our RPO programs are uniquely tailored to the needs of each and every customer, inherent to our approach are the following elements:


Customized Solution Design

Our approach broadens your options for finding and managing talent, forecasting needs, and balancing headcount. We help you create a holistic strategy covering all phases of the talent relationship, and then work together with you to apply our knowledge and insights to help realize your ambitions


Strategic sourcing and recruiting specialists

Utilizing both active and passive sourcing techniques, we contact the most attractive candidates to discuss the role and gauge their interest. Our goal is to produce a solid pool of candidates qualified for the target position or group of positions, and then you choose the best from among the best.

At GLC we value the “human touch” element of recruitment. As such, we don’t just fill the current vacancies and then create the process all over again when a new need arises. On the contrary – after the offer is delivered and accepted by the winning candidate – we keep in touch with high-potential, runner-up candidates, thereby creating a talent community from which to draw for future hires. We keep them informed about what’s happening with your company through regular communication. In this way, we can fill your next role quickly, saving on both time and cost.


Employer Brand Development

GLC is uniquely equipped to help you create and build an employer brand that attracts and engages the talent your organization needs to be successful. We help you assess your reputation in the market, understand your target talent, and put your brand to work for you. From strategy, employee value proposition development and brand education, to creative and execution, we can help you turn your employer brand into a recruiting and competitive advantage.


Diversity and Compliance

Diversity is a core part of all our talent acquisition strategies. We are experienced and well trained in the practices of ethnic and gender diversity, hiring differently-abled talent, and veteran recruiting. Our experts in compliance can help you navigate the complexities of today’s regulatory demands, staying on top of new requirements and defining their impact specifically on your organization.


Screening and Selection

GLC has developed – and is highly skilled at implementing – a range of best-in-class assessment practices and processes designed to help you make the best choices for your current and future talent needs. Our combination of quantitative analysis and human insight are utilized to identify potential top talent.



Every RPO program created and implemented by GLC is supported by our dedicated and evolving analytics capability. In-house data scientists and our proprietary technologies provide predictive analytics, in-context data-driven insight, and the agility to translate vital information from multiple sources into a single platform for powerful analysis and visual representation.


Candidate Care

Quality candidates seek world-class organizations. That is why it is imperative to carefully plan and oversee the process through which potential employees come into contact with and experience your organization. Candidates become ambassadors for your company during the hiring process, and it is essential that their experience is positive and that communication to them is efficient, methodical and timely. At GLC, we oversee the entire candidate care process, and we see to it that your potential hires are well-informed, that your employer brand is presented accurately and consistently and that the candidate’s experience is as positive as possible.



A positive onboarding experience leads to a more productive employee. After you’ve made your decision, getting your new hire engaged is the primary focus. We coordinate and oversee all onboarding details from documentation to orientation to technology, assuring that your new employee makes a smooth transition into your organization.