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Human Resources Consulting

Human resources outsourcing is one of the fastest growing industries today. GLC offers the most flexible and customizable set of solutions in the marketplace. GLC allows you to focus on your core business, reducing costs and improving efficiency.

In addition to our full service human resources outsourcing models, GLC offers a broad range of HR consulting services for that one-time project or on a continual basis. We can provide solutions for any of the categories listed below, or we can customize a solution to fit your specific needs. We provide up-front pricing either as a per project cost or on an hourly basis.

Employee Coaching and Counseling Assistance
How something is said or documented can be costly. Train your supervisors to become mentors and leaders so you can minimize your liability and maximize performance.


Employee Communication
Overcome the obstacles of employees who resist change with communications that sell employees on change and positively affect morale.


Employee Handbook Audit
Laws, just like your work environment, can change all the time. Make sure your most important employee communication tool is compliant, accurate and up to date.


Employee Handbook Customization
Clearly communicate work rules, establish expectations, maintain consistency, avoid potential charges of discrimination or wrongful discharge and market your company to current and future employees.


HR Audits
Ensure compliance with employment laws, identify inconsistencies before they become a problem and evaluate how well your company is leveraging the value of your employees.


Job Description Review
Are your job descriptions current, accurate and as effective as you want them to be? Make sure you are covering your legal bases and setting correct expectations.


Job Description Completion
Job descriptions will guide your supervisors when evaluating work, assist in determining pay and allow performance reviews to be clear and accurate. Above all, they will help you align employees with your goals and vision.


Job Manuals
Absences and turnover don’t have to negatively affect productivity. Job manuals will assist those who have to step in and are a great tool for new hire training.


Manager Manuals
Simplify people management for your managerial staff by summarizing employment laws and provide direction with processes and procedures that should be consistently and uniformly enforced.


Performance Management
Create and implement performance management tools that will motivate your workforce and help you maximize your investment in your employees.


Recruitment and Selection
You have goals to achieve and a culture to preserve. Make sure that the employees you want to hire are worth the investment with the proper screening, interviewing and orientation.


Performance Management
Create and implement performance management tools that will motivate your workforce and help you maximize your investment in your employees.


Report and Report Analysis
Concerned that you are spending too much on recruiting or that turnover costs are eating at your bottom line? An analysis can identify areas in need of change.


Standard Operating Procedures
If your company has complex processes that need to be accurately followed, standard operating procedures can help you train new associates, minimize errors and improve efficiency.


Compensation Management Planning
Understand what employees perceive as value and implement a compensation system that is competitive, compliant and motivates your employees to do their best.