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Contingency Recruitment

Positive business woman smiling over white backgroundContingency recruitment allows you to evaluate the best candidate for the job without risk. Here at GLC, we use extensive methods that combine both technology and human interaction to find, interview and prepare the right candidate for your requirement.

Combined with this, we ensure the candidate will be a great personality fit to your organization. Skills alone may not be enough and in today’s working environment this forms a vital part in ensuring your contingency recruitment campaign is rock solid from start to finish. Our team is trained to understand your job brief in detail, making sure we have a solid understanding of your company culture, candidate skill requirements and what makes you different.

Our contingency recruitment covers search, advertising of the role, data mining and head hunting activity. This thorough approach means we leave no stone unturned in finding both active and passive candidates available in the market. Even those potential people that may not be looking for a job right at that moment in time.

We thoroughly vet each applicant, screening them to ensure they are the right skill and personality fit. With preparation we then present you the best of the best for interview and consideration and our results are consistent with the successes.